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Posted By LokiZ
Updated the website today. Added info for the Apps I use in video editing on the Ipad . It's amazing how much change I have seen video editing go through for the hobbyist like my self through out the years.

When I first got interested in video editing I eventually gave up because the quality was so bad I just couldn't handle it. That and the fact that it took so much time and hard drive space that I lacked the patience of that as well.

Then along came FireWire and while you still needed a lot of hard drive space at least the PCs had gotten faster. I actually still use the computer I bought for the sole intention of editing video on. It can't keep up with today's games but it still has enough under the hood to do what I need it to do.

Then came along the era of 16:9 video screens and something they were calling 1080p. That in turn put my high dollar prosumer great in low light video camera into a rest home. (Sniff) So once again here I am on the back burner because video I take with my dinosaur camera just doesn't look so good anymore.

Then along comes the iPad which is smaller then an 8.5x11 piece of paper and about as thick as a kitchen plate and you can video and edit the video all with one device.

While the quality is not perfect, it doesn't look half bad and I guarantee it looks worlds better then the old days of analog video being captured into a computer and encoded down to 320x240 video.

It's a great world we live in.


Posted By LokiZ

Today we biked from Elkhart to Goshen and back again.  The total trip took us 17 plus miles.  We would have liked to have traveled another three miles for a total trip of 20 miles but we were running late on time.


This was a good start in preparation for an up coming journey of 33.5 miles.  The trail we will be riding is the Kal-Haven Trail a beautiful rail turned state park that runs between Kalamazoo and South Haven Michagan.  It's an awesome ride.  Our average time to complete is about 5 hours but that consists of water breaks every 5 miles and also a stop for lunch at the half way mark.


Kal-Haven Trail


If you ever get the oppourtunity to take this trip I would have to say go for it!.



Posted By LokiZ

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