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Posted By LokiZ
Updated the website today. Added info for the Apps I use in video editing on the Ipad . It's amazing how much change I have seen video editing go through for the hobbyist like my self through out the years.

When I first got interested in video editing I eventually gave up because the quality was so bad I just couldn't handle it. That and the fact that it took so much time and hard drive space that I lacked the patience of that as well.

Then along came FireWire and while you still needed a lot of hard drive space at least the PCs had gotten faster. I actually still use the computer I bought for the sole intention of editing video on. It can't keep up with today's games but it still has enough under the hood to do what I need it to do.

Then came along the era of 16:9 video screens and something they were calling 1080p. That in turn put my high dollar prosumer great in low light video camera into a rest home. (Sniff) So once again here I am on the back burner because video I take with my dinosaur camera just doesn't look so good anymore.

Then along comes the iPad which is smaller then an 8.5x11 piece of paper and about as thick as a kitchen plate and you can video and edit the video all with one device.

While the quality is not perfect, it doesn't look half bad and I guarantee it looks worlds better then the old days of analog video being captured into a computer and encoded down to 320x240 video.

It's a great world we live in.